There is no more need to buy a ticket from a vending.


Mar 4, 2019 · JR East Japan recently announced that it will release a new "Welcome Suica" for foreign travelers starting from September 2019. Sep 1, 2020 · class=" fc-falcon">In 2018, Sony and JR East announced plans to launch a new souped-up Suica, which will incorporate all of Japan’s regional transportation cards into one almighty card for seamless nationwide travel.

Beyond the 10 interchangeable cards mentioned above, Japan also has various other regional transportation cards limited to use in each of the.


</b> And soon, at Japan Experience! Pasmo Passport. Can I buy a Welcome Suica Card online before leaving home? Or do I have to get one after arriving at Haneda (either from a vending machine or from the JR Ticket Office)? Having it ahead of our trip might save time upon arrival at Haneda Airport. This IC card allows you to travel all across Japan with just a tap, useable at subway and metro stations, JR lines, and non-JR lines.

May 11, 2020 · All Suica cards, with the exception of the Welcome Suica, are available to buy at any major JR East train station.

. ” There are different types of IC cards, and the suica card is one of the popular ones in Tokyo. They are basically cash cards, and all you need to do is swipe to pay for your ticket! You will be able to use a suica card at most places across Japan that accept “IC cards.

. The Welcome Suica is a e-money card for moving around and shopping.

For those unfamiliar with travel in Japan, Suica is a rechargeable contactless smart card that can be used as a fare card on train lines/buses as well as electronic money at convenience stores and other select shops in.

different types of IC cards If you purchased your Suica using Apple Pay , you need to complete the withdrawal procedure through the app , at which point your membership information will be.

Step 3: Read the ‘Statement of Personal Information’ Screen and touch confirm. .

The Suica can also be used to make purchases. The card face of “Welcome Suica” is different from the normal green Suica card, but it has a red and white pattern.


Dec 18, 2022 · For traveling in Japan, the Welcome Suica makes a more pleasant trip. Visitors can also obtain a Suica card immediately after landing in Japan by going to Narita Airport Terminal 1, Narita Airport Terminal 2•3, and Haneda Airport Terminal 3. You can do this at the JR East ticket offices, which are located in both Terminal 1 and Terminal.

. Similar to the Welcome Suica card, the card lasts for 28 days and buyers won't be entitled to refunds on any balance in the card. Jan 13, 2023 · class=" fc-falcon">Where to Buy and How to Top-Up the Suica Card? Travellers flying in from Narita or Haneda International Airport can purchase a Suica card easily at JR East Travel Service Centers. fc-falcon">Image courtesy of JR East. . Step 7: Enter your phone number and touch the ‘OK’ button.

You can buy a Suica Card in Japan at the Airport.

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Suica is a prepaid IC card issued by JR East Railways.


Case 1, if remaining credit more than 220, you will get back deposit JPY 500 + remaining credit in card after deducting the handling fee 220.

Use your Suica card on various train and bus networks around Japan.